How Diakonia Provides Hope for Those in Need

Mennonite Church, Diakonia pic

Mennonite Church, Diakonia

When not serving as an attorney at his private practice in Ocean Pines, Maryland, J. Christopher “Chris” Llinas volunteers his time at charities such as Diakonia. In 2012, Chris Llinas was able to raise over $5,000 for the organization.

Founded in 1972 by the Mennonite Church, Diakonia is now a separate entity and acts as a nondenominational organization. Diakonia’s headquarters in West Ocean City, Maryland, comprises two buildings that offer shelter and transitional housing for people in need. It also provides emergency food services for its residents.

However, Diakonia aims to provide more than shelter—it also counsels and assists those on the verge of losing their homes, availing them of programs that can provide financial assistance. For those who have already lost their homes, these counseling sessions center in on the issues that precipitated their circumstances.

Now over 40 years in existence, Diakonia continues to provide hope for individuals and families around Worcester County and on the Lower Shore by providing them with the necessary assistance to get back on track.


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