Thoreau Explores Human Society in Walden

Walden pic


J. Christopher “Chris” Llinas serves as the corporate counsel to Royal Plus, Inc., in Snow Hill, Maryland. Outside of work, Chris Llinas is an avid reader and counts Walden by Henry David Thoreau among his favorite books.

At the beginning of his book, Thoreau states that he is conducting a “personal experiment” at Walden Pond in Massachusetts. He sets out to learn about human nature without society and materialism and makes it clear that he wants to meditate about social and domestic management. He is determined to support himself and receive no help from anyone during his stay at Walden. During his stay, he discusses the main arguments around individualism, social existence, scholarship, and other concepts.

His writing describes the time that he spends farming, observing nature, and thinking about life. Thoreau hosted events at his cabin for his friends, which include a philosopher, a poet, hunters, farmers, settlers, and laborers. These locals tell Thoreau stories about the history of the region.

During his stay, Thoreau explores the region’s ponds, farms, autumn leaves, and frozen winters. His explorations about nature and life continue for two years, and in September 1847, he leaves Walden.


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