Mistakes to Avoid on Long Runs




Based in Maryland, Christopher Llinas served as corporate counsel for Royal Plus, Inc., a disaster restoration company headquartered in Snow Hill, from January 2007 to April 2015. When he’s not working, Christopher Llinas enjoys long distance running.

Long distance running is a fun, if challenging, way to stay in shape. Like any sport, there are risks involved—however, here a few tips to keep runners safe.

First off, runners should be careful not to run too far, too fast. Taking on too many miles is an easy way to hurt your body. The best thing to do is to find a training plan specific for the longest run you want to achieve.

Additionally, many runners increase their speed too quickly, especially those used to shorter runs. A good rule of thumb is to run at a pace that is easy enough so that you can carry on a conversation. Also, runners should vary the lengths of their runs—do not run too many long runs in succession and give the body time to recover.


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