Two Underrated Spanish Cities That Warrant a Visit

Granada, Spain pic

Granada, Spain

J. Christopher Llinas draws on more than 20 years of experience as an attorney to serve clients through his Ocean Pines, Maryland, law practice. In his leisure time, Christopher Llinas enjoys international travel and has visited various destinations around the world, including Spain.

There are many wondrous sights and sounds to behold when visiting Spain for the first time. With cities like Madrid and Barcelona dominating the tourist landscape, however, travelers can sometimes overlook lesser-known cities. With that in mind, here are two under-the-radar cities in Spain that tourists should consider visiting.

Until the 16th century, Toledo was actually the capital of Spain. The city sits atop a mountain in the central region of the country and boasts the influences of Christians, Muslims, and Jews, all of whom have made up significant portions of its population over the centuries. Today, Toledo is a marvel of medieval art and architecture that dates all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire. Spending an afternoon walking among the city’s streets paints a picture of life as it was centuries ago.

Granada City bears an interesting heritage, as it was once a stronghold of the Moorish empire. While the empire effectively ended with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella’s capture of the city in 1492, Granada still retains significant aspects of Moorish culture, including the Alhambra. A famous 13th-century palace, the Alhambra offers visitors the opportunity to view its stunning architecture, gardens, and fountains. The Muslim quarter also gives a unique insight into Spanish history.


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