Assateague Coastal Trust Advocates for Delmarva Peninsula

Assateague Coastal Trust pic

Assateague Coastal Trust

Attorney J. Christopher Llinas owns a solo practice in Ocean Pines, Maryland. Christopher Llinas’ career focus has included strategic planning and crisis management. As part of his charitable giving, he has contributed some $2,000 to the Assateague Coastal Trust (ACT).

ACT’s mission is to improve and preserve the coastal environment of the Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia) Peninsula. The agency concerns itself with protecting waterways, encouraging wildlife health, and promoting sustainable economic expansion.

To help meet these goals, ACT employs a coastkeeper, who inspects by boat the area’s coastal bays to detect problems with unclean water and uphold existing watershed laws and regulations. The coastkeeper reports any instances of illegal chemical releases, dredging, or disallowed buffer clearing.

From May through September, the coastkeeper measures for oxygen content, acidity, salt levels, and clarity of the water. The official also tests for bacteria that threaten human health and places the results on the ACT website between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Public information is vital to the ACT’s mission. The coastkeeper educates people about environmentally beneficial practices and alerts them to changes in legislation and policy-making.


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