Assateague Coastal Trust – Keeping Sediment Out of Local Watersheds

Assateague Coastal Trust pic

Assateague Coastal Trust

J. Christopher Llinas lives and works in Maryland, where he is an attorney in private practice. Outside of his professional life, Christopher Llinas spends his time running triathlons and supporting environmental causes. He was able to raise $2,000 for the Assateague Coastal Trust in 2014, thanks to his success in the Louisville Ironman that year.

The Assateague Coastal Trust exists to protect and care for the coastal watersheds in the Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia areas. The region, known locally as Delmarva, is delicate and prone to change. Protecting the coastal watershed is critical to the region’s overall health.

One of the organization’s projects, the Get the Dirt Out campaign, fights against contaminant-laden runoff. Construction and development in the area often adds sediment to local water, which presents a significant environmental concern. To keep dirt, sediment, and toxic chemicals out of local waterways, the trust trains volunteers to monitor water quality in their area. These volunteers act as watchdogs, helping to ensure that major construction sites are operating within the law and not polluting the water.


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