IRONMAN’s Community Efforts



J. Christopher Llinas (Chris) is an experienced attorney based in the Maryland area. Currently working as a corporate counsel at Royal Plus, Inc., Chris Llinas is also an avid athlete and has competed successfully in multiple IRONMAN competitions in the past while also raising money for numerous charitable organizations through his participation.

The IRONMAN triathlon is an athletic competition and event, known by many as the world’s most challenging endurance test. The triathlon first began in 1970, when three of the harshest endurance events in Waikiki, Hawaii, were combined into one huge event. These competitions consist of a two-and-a-half mile swim, a 112-mile cycling race, and a marathon run–all without a break for the athletes.

However, IRONMAN can be more than just a race: participants are encouraged to engage in the IRONMAN foundation, a branch of the organization that offers a multitude of fundraising projects and programs. One of these programs is the Community Fund, for which athletes can raise money for in their IRONMAN journey. The program then targets worthwhile and deserving initiatives within the athlete’s local community to fund. To learn more, visit