Assateague Coastal Trust Keeps an Eye on Stormwater Runoff

Assateague Coastal Trust pic

Assateague Coastal Trust

J. Christopher Llinas (Chris) serves as corporate counsel at Royal Plus, Inc., a company dealing in disaster restoration based in Snow Hill, Maryland. Outside of work, Chis Llinas is an avid philanthropist and spends much of his time supporting local charities and foundations such as the Assateague Coastal Trust.

The Assateague Coastal Trust is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to the preservation and health of Delmarva, a coastal area spanning Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. The Assateague Coastal Trust (ACT) has been in place since the 1970s and has since looked to preserve the state of the coastal bays in the Delmarva area for the animals there and for future generations through a mixture of advocacy and fundraising.

One way in which ACT works to accomplish its mission is through its Get the Dirt Out program, an effort let by the COASTKEEPER (focused on advocacy and education) branch of the organization. Get the Dirt Out focuses on monitoring construction companies around the protected bays to make sure that their regulations are on par with requirements regarding stormwater runoff. If the companies are not complying fully, toxic runoff could easily get into the bays and damage them extensively. Get the Dirt Out relies on volunteers to check up on these companies periodically.